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METALLIC PARTS AND STRUCTURES Production, assembly, surfacing

Arenia s.r.o. – Production potentials

Arenia s.r.o. specializes in assembling and welding of technological components for engineering, power industry, construction, mining, chemical and food industry. We are able to weld materials like steel, stainless, alluminium. We also provide machining of all metallic materials, production on CNC and conventional machines, deep drilling and complicated shapes machining. We manufacture various types of steel structures.

CNC milling

  • CNC double-palette machining centre BROTHER
      (X - 750, Y – 350, Z – 350mm)
      (X – 1500, Y – 700, Z – 610mm)


CNC cutting

Cutting is performed by CNC band saw with cut upto diameter of 320 mm


Conventional machines

  • turning lathe - SU 100x3000 (1000 x 3000mm)
  • milling machine - FA 4-2
  • new milling machine MF 2 Vario DPA
  • hydraulic press – operational pressure upto 20 tonnes

As well as other machines for production and assembly.



We use our own equipment for measuring securing exact tolerances of measured parts according to customer´s specifications.

Our equipment:

  • CNC 3D measuring device Opton – dimensions, shapes, positions
  • height meter –dimensions
  • profile-projector Projectina – profiles, shapes
  • common workshop measuring gauges



Destructive and non-destructive tests are perfomed at accredited testing laboratories for us.


Cooperation with selected companies

We cooperate with selected companies which provide for us:

  • machining/ turning lathes
  • horizontal drilling machine 130,160
  • chamfering press
  • burning – water beam, laser, plasma



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